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25 September
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Date Created:2003-02-07
Number of Posts: 155

Evil master of the universe. VeeTee is highly addicted to slashy gay guys. She is a tad insane. Yes. A tad. Growl. A bit blonde to add to that mix too.
Strengths: Trys hard, trys not to be judgemental, trys to be open-minded, works hard at her writing, fairly good in school, tries to be the best friend VeeTee can be,
Weaknesses: Addicted to slash too much, easily angered/made jealous, can be impatient, has trouble admitting true feelings
Special Skills: Spotting Gay Guys, Trying to write, Attempting to make hott sexy bishie guy icons,
Weapons: Her remarks, growl, bite, minions
Fangirl Of: Johnny Depp, Tom Felton, Billy Boyd

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